Ultratint Zero

Ultratint Zero
tint 101
is a premium quality dyed window film that is non-metallised
Suitable for vehicles fitted with
sensitive electronic devices. Zero’s non-conductive formula will not interfere with GPS, Satellite Navigation, in-glass antennas, T.P.M.’s and other radio signal electronics.Featuring a deep charcoal-black, non-reflective finish that compliments most car colours and provides an enhanced
sports style look. Ultratint Zero additionally reduces heat and unwanted glare while providing protection from damaging UV Rays.Zero’s thicker dual-ply construction is matched with a protective hardcoat for increased durability and will provide
many years of enjoyment and satisfaction.
Reflects intense solar heat
Blocks dangerous UV Rays
Reduces Interior Trim Fading
Improves Cabin Comfort
Controls annoying Glare
Increases glass safety
Looks distinctively stylish
Dark, sporty charcoal-black colour
Signal-friendly and electronic safe
Longer lasting, dual-ply construction
Precision made with superb optical clarity
Scratch resistant for enhanced durability
Whole of Life Ownership Warranty
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